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Garbage 'recycling'

Aug 4, 2003 / 2 Replies I'm looking for that post where there was a company that could split almost anything into oil, metal and water.. Remember that thread?

Could any of you be so kind to help me find it? A search-tool for the forums would be great :)


Man uses bombthreat to catch plane he's late for..

Jun 3, 2003 / 5 Replies A 29y old man from oregon was late for his flight, but he had an original solution. He phoned in a fake bomb-threat to keep the flight on ground so that he could get to the gate in time.

The threat was called in to America West in Reno, Nevada, about 15:00 yesterday afternoon.

He got the staffs attention when he acted suspicious when arriving at the gate. He had previously been charged for drunk driving and creditcard-fraud.

Might be sometime before this guy will get late for a fligt again..

A good stocktrading-game

May 1, 2003 / 1 Reply A combination of stocktrading, forums and humor. Lunchtime at work never passed this fast. Well, I liked it, hope some of you'll try it, and like it..

[link http://www.jottonia.no]Jottonia website[/link]