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Man uses bombthreat to catch plane he's late for..

Jun 3, 2003 — A 29y old man from oregon was late for his flight, but he had an original solution. He phoned in a fake bomb-threat to keep the flight on ground so that he could get to the gate in time.

The threat was called in to America West in Reno, Nevada, about 15:00 yesterday afternoon.

He got the staffs attention when he acted suspicious when arriving at the gate. He had previously been charged for drunk driving and creditcard-fraud.

Might be sometime before this guy will get late for a fligt again..

Aesopian says:

Didn't someone in [i]Road Trip[/i] use this technique to get to their final college exam in time?

Dylia says:

You could catagorize that as an act of terrorism, actually.

kent says:

Don't link a movie and an act of terrorism, it's going to have roadtrip2 banned before it's even in the making. Come to think of it that might not be all that bad after all..

Dylia says:

No, the actual happening was terrorism, Roadtrip was just terrible.

DataBind() says:

"Dude, where's my car" was the true act of terrorism -- I must have lost 10 IQ points just watching that movie.

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